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Established in 2002, Renew Energy is a well-established business in Western Australia and are recognised as industry experts in the solar power and solar panels industries. We are among the most progressive solar panel installers in Perth. As a family-owned and run business, Renew Energy operate with a strong focus on customer service as well as providing all customers with excellent after-sales service. Our name IS our business.

We supply and install both Solar Hot Water systems & PV Solar Panels and dedicate our service to both residential and commercial clients throughout Perth and Western Australia.

Renew Energy can undertake any type of energy efficiency project; from a small domestic extension through to commercial installations with our range of safe, efficient and high quality-endorsed Australian products.

We are so dedicated to high standards of conduct, quality and service at a fair price, that we’ve been vetted and endorsed as one of only a few CEC Approved Retailers in Australia. A CEC Approved Retailer is different to a CEC Member, which is an advocacy membership for clean energy.
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Environmental Incentives

Not only are solar panel installations a smart choice for lowering your household or commercial business costs, they also provide a great benefit to the Australian environment. With the amount of energy consumed just in cooling spaces and heating water, there are immense cost benefits and a positive effect on the environment to be had.

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